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Confirm Need Excess Baggage Winner
The dizzying maze of souks winding around Jemaa el-Fnaa in Marrakesh's medina quarter (old city) will get even the most ardent of anti-shoppers dipping in to their wallets.

The largest in Morocco, open all day and brimming with almost anything you can think of these souks will leave you exhilarated & exhausted but you’ll still be haggling your way towards the best price possible. Crafts, clothes, shoes, spices, carpets, lamps, antiques and mounds of touristy trinkets – you’ll not be short of options for souvenirs!

Luckily for you, STA Travel has a range of airfares with a number of different airlines with whom you can enjoy additional baggage allowances, helping you cram your luggage full without straying over the limits (and making it an expensive end to your trip!)
7 days from $859
Affordably Atas Winner
The Maldives might conjure up images of over-water villas, massively overpriced cocktails and some unpleasant credit card statements on your return but you don’t need to be crazy rich to enjoy this Indian Ocean archipelago.

Whilst it would be easy to rack up a serious holiday induced debt here, our Affordably Atas award goes to the Maldives as we’ve found a way you can spend eight days island hopping, snorkeling, fishing and just lounging about for under $1,500 (fancy cocktails unfortunately not included).

We’d recommend that you ditch the resort and go like the locals using ferries to get you from one impossible to pronounce destination to the next (Dhiffushi to Thulusdhoo being one of the easier to say).
8 days from $989
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Balloon Your Likes Winner
We might have been influenced here by one of our teams’ recent trip to Turkey or just from having seen endless photos of balloons ascending over the rocky landscape of Cappadocia come up on our feed, but either way, Cappadocia was a unanimous choice on our list of 2020’s top destinations.

The fairy chimneys, pillars, stacks, cliffs and valleys make this a great place to tick hot-air ballooning off your bucket list. And, it is surely the most Insta-worthy location on the planet!

But have we mentioned how much we like food?! Mounds of hummus, stacks of falafel, cheesy pides, fat kebabs and stuffed dolmas all make for great #foodporn and add in beautiful buildings, roman ruins, natural wonders and stunning coastline and your posts will be racking up the likes!
15 days from $1319
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Craziest Border Crossing
Let us set the scene for you. An hour’s dusty drive takes you from Amritsar, home of the Golden Temple, to the border between India and Pakistan. Hundreds of people are jumping out of their vehicles and arming themselves with flags, face-paint and food as they cross the most bizarre border in the world.

Welcome to Wagah, home for a long time of the only road connecting India and Pakistan. Whilst other borders have now opened up, traditions have remained. The closing ceremony sees border guards from both countries lowering their respective flags displaying serious patriotism.

The Golden Temple, Sikhism’s most important pilgrimage site, the scenic rail journeys and the city of Shimla in the Himalayan foothills are all great reasons to Scoot over to Amritsar and start your Indian adventure
9 days from $949
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EZ-Link Irrelephant Winner
We don’t think it’s possible to be more relaxed than lying down in a mokoro canoe, being poled through the reed strewn waterways of the Okavango Delta watching the sun go down as you listen out for the tell-tale groans and grunts of the hippos that inhabit this part of beautiful Botswana.

Botswana is quite possibly the most immersive way to go on safari. Wild camp (that’s right – no fences here) under the stars, canoe alongside hippos (not too close…), fly over the Delta, walk amongst herds of giraffe, jump abroad a river cruise to spot crocs and take the traditional drive to find the Big Five.

With Chobe National Park and Vic Falls up the road (where the only jams are caused by elephants blocking the way), this part of Africa is seriously underrated.
8 days from $1149
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Healthy 365 Winner
The winner of our Healthy 365 award for 2020 is Nepal, as it’s hard to think of another country with quite so many treks and trails to help you get the step count up in amongst such ridiculous scenery.

Whether you’re determined to make it all 5,364 meters to Everest Basecamp, want to loop the Annapurna Circuit or want to pack in epic, uninterrupted views of some 8,000m beasts on the Poon Hill trek, you’ll be hard-pushed to clock less than 20,000 steps a day

Adventure sports in Pokhara, great shopping in Thamel and some fairly underrated food (the classic momo and bizarrely good apple pie) are other reasons to march up and down Bukit Timah a few times before hopping on a flight to Kathmandu and experiencing the majestic Himalaya.
10 days from $1289
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Worth the Visa Hassle Winner
We’re not very used to the idea of getting a visa as Singaporeans travelling overseas. And, in all honesty, the list of destinations requiring a visa reads more like the axis of evil than places you’d ever actually want to go on holiday. Bhutan, in common with Afghanistan, Iraq and North Korea all require Singaporean passport holders to get a visa, but possibly unlike the other destinations we listed at the moment, Bhutan is more than worth the trouble.

Bhutan’s a pretty special place. Limited numbers of tourists, the world’s only carbon negative country, no recognizable brands, a Gross Happiness Index and a strange obsession with phalluses (careful Googling that if you’re at work). Add in an interesting national dish (chili cheese is nowhere near as good as it sounds), spectacular scenery, an epic flight in/out of Thimpu, awesome trekking and seriously spiritual sites and you’ve got all the ingredients for one of the best trips you’ll ever take in your life.

And, the visa process is actually pretty straight-forward. As anyone arriving in to Bhutan has to be on a registered tour, they’ll do almost all of the work for you. Worth the Minimal Visa Hassle wasn’t quite as catchy an award title though…

10 days from $3799
Pho-King Good Food Winner
Hoi An
We can’t resist a pun here at STA Travel, but we also can’t resist food. Bánh mi, rice paper rolls, sticky rice and of course the king of street-food – Pho!

Northern & Southern Vietnam have a complicated history and their cuisines have very much been shaped by that history. Walk the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, you’ll see the French influence on more than just the architecture. In Hanoi, the Chinese influence and cooler climate means more bowls of steaming noodles and bun cha.

If you’ve got limited time, then we recommend getting the best of both worlds - Head to Hoi An! You’re close to the culture & history of the ancient city of Hue, pick your food from all over Vietnam and don’t forget to pick-up a new set of threads – Hoi An boasts some of the speediest and cheapest tailors around!
12 days from $1079
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Waaay Out of Office Winner
The last few years has seen the rise of the digital nomad – those fortunate people who can fire up their laptops and work from anywhere in the world. Though working from a beach bar in Bali does sound good to us, sometimes it’s even nicer to be able to totally switch off.

Mongolia is home to an estimated one million real-life nomads and is the least densely populated country in the world. Not renowned for its 4G coverage, Mongolia going to be top of your travel bucket list for 2020 if you are looking for a holiday to make your out-of-office message come true.

Stunning contrast between the desert and the steppe, as well as the sheer difference in lifestyle between our 9-5 grind and the Nomadic existence will make this one of the most unforgettable trips you’ve ever taken.
10 days from $1719
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Happiest Hour Winner
Ruins bars, Sparties and nightclubs open to 6am six days a week are just a couple of things that make Budapest one of the world’s best spots to let your hair down. Add cheap booze, world-class DJ’s, party cruises along the Danube and plenty of places to see during the day (if you can crawl out of bed) add you’ve got an incredible starting point for your next European adventure.

One of our favourite European itineraries is Budapest to Berlin. Starting & finishing in two of Europe’s premier party cities, there’s no respite in between with stopovers in Bratislava and Prague a great way to break up the journey.

And there’s no better way to travel on the what we’re making sound like the world’s longest pub crawl than on a Eurail pass, which allows you to gaze in a daze as the world goes by.
7 days from $389
Most Likely to Swipe Right Winner
During the 2016 Olympics in Rio, apparently weightlifters and table-tennis players were the most swiped-right athletes in the village! It’s not just during the Olympics that Brazil sees high Tinder usage – it’s the third highest market for Tinder in the world and it’s the 6th highest destination for foreigners using the app.

What does all this mean? Well, other than training up to become a table-tennis champion, it means that if you’re single and want to increase the size of your dating pool, then head to Rio de Janeiro!

We’d recommend that you drag yourself away from your screen, as Rio’s got to be one of the best places to meet people IRL too. Samba’ing on the streets, walking the favelas, cheering on a team at the Maracana or tucking in to the caipirinhas on Ipanema beach!
9 days from $2,099
Lara Croft’s Next Destination
Whoever is in charge of choosing the destinations to shoot the Lara Croft films might want to get themselves to Bagan. And, if you listen to just one recommendation from us, you might want to get yourselves there before more people find out about just how incredible this place is.

If you’ve been to Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, then imagine the same thing without the crowds. Bagan offers a totally different experience. E-bikes and hot-air balloons are the best ways to get different perspectives on the 2,000 or so temples that remain 1,000 years after they sprung up.

Add in great food, friendly people, picturesque pagodas, scenic walks and being easy on the budget, Bagan is not only our top pick to have its tomb’s raided, it’s also one of our top destinations to get yourselves to in 2020.
14 days from $1,609