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Philippines Travel Guide

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You may not be able to explore all of the 7,000 tropical islands of the Philippines, but there's some you just can't miss. Castaway on the white beaches of Palawan, dive in crystal clear coral waters, roam through rice paddies and paddle board through lush green rainforest; find your own way in the Philippines.

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The official languages of the Philippines are Filipino and English. More people speak Filipino than English, but English is widely spoken.

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Name: Philippine Peso
Code: PHP
Symbol: ₱

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Philippine Standard Time (GMT+8:00)

Philippines Tours

Beaches and waterfalls, rice paddies and rainforests, the Philippines is a tropical adventure playground. Trek the tribal mountains of the north or explore underwater caves, snorkel in crystal clear waters or go paddle boarding in Bohol - book one of our small group or independent tours to explore the many islands of the Philippines in ease.
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Unique Experiences in the Philippines

The Philippines is packed full of unique experiences. With a whopping 7,000 islands, the Philippines is a haven for lazy beach bums or sea-loving water babies. Yet that's not to say that there aren't any inland adventures to be had. With emerald rice paddies, colourful rainforests and moody volcanoes, the Philippines is teeming with different activities.

4D3N Cebu

Get off the beaten path and head out to Cebu to jump of canyons and cliffs and perhaps have a swim with whale sharks! A booming destination in the Philippines, yet still with loads of hidden gems waiting to be discovered.
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Fly to Boracay

Beach and more beaches. Visit Boracay and get started on your island hopping experience! But that's not all that Boracay can offer! Partygoer, foodie or even an adrenaline junkie can find something for themselves on the island!
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