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travel goals 2018

Travel Goals 2018

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We don’t know about you, but here at STA Travel we’re strong believers that if we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet. Check out our 2018 Travel Goals for some inspiration whilst you try and shake off those January blues!


Whether you’re a beach bum or can’t get enough of the big city lights, there’s something for everyone.


And, don’t forget, if you’ve splashed all your cash on Christmas presents and gym memberships (that’s got to be one of the more expensive New Years’ resolutions!) then get your 2018 adventures locked in with a deposit of $99 and worry about paying the rest just 4 weeks before you go.

Channel your

inner Romeo & Juliet

From $1820Book Now!

Admit it. You’re a sucker for romance. You cry at the mere mention of The Notebook and think that Valentine’s Day should be a public holiday (we’re right with you on that one!). Trade date night pizza, wine and rom-coms on the sofa for the real deal and whisk your loved one away for a whirlwind journey of Europe’s most romantic cities; Paris and Venice.

Stroll arm in arm down the Champs-Élysées, explore Venice’s maze of canals from a gondola, pop the champagne cork and don’t forget to grab the classic couples selfie on the Rialto Bridge.

Three nights at the Victor Masse in Paris, three nights at the Da Bruno in Venice, breakfasts, flights and taxes for just $1,820 per person.

Get Pumped!

Cruising through New Zealand

From $1,574Book Now!

Feel like throwing yourself out of a plane? Fancy some underground river tubing in the pitch-black? Ever thought about running across a lake in a massive inflatable ball? All these things sound slightly bizarre, but not in New Zealand!

Overcome your fears of skydiving or bungee jumping and admire the glorious landscape of New Zealand while you’re at it. A breathtaking view might just keep your mind away from the actual plunge! Enjoy some Kiwi hospitality and see all that this incredible country has to offer in the comfort of your very own campervan.

A ten day trip to New Zealand including flights and ten days in a campervan from only $1,574!

Be Charmed!

By Galapagos' exotic wildlife

From $2,039Book Now!

What list of travel goals would be complete without the Galapagos?! This must be the most featured destination of any bucket list for the discerning traveller, and with good reason! Incredible scenery, unbelievable marine life and the snorkelling ain’t bad either…

The islands are filled with impressive wildlife, flora and fauna, unseen in any part of the world. But you best head there soon! In the past twenty years, the number of visitors to the islands have grown from 20,000 a year to more than 100,000.

Camp under the stars, lie on the beach with the seals and unleash your inner Darwin as you cruise around the Galapagos with this seven day trip with G Adventures. And, we’ll even give you 20% off to help you on your way!

Get Active

At Machu Picchu

From $899Book Now!

Avid hikers brace yourself for the adventure of a lifetime on the Inca Trail to the lost city of Machu Picchu. The trail winds through snowy mountains and lush greenery. Used by the Incas as a pilgrimage route, this 43km trial is almost the width of Singapore!

Marvel at the beautiful mountain scenery, stunning cloud-forest, subtropical jungle, and of course, a stunning mix of Inca paving stones, ruins and runnels on your hike of a lifetime. When you arrive at the final destination, allow the mist to reveal the emerald peaks and terraced ruins of the mysterious ancient city.

Go back in time and walk in the footsteps of the ancient Incans and hit the Sun Gate in time to gaze over Machu Picchu at sunrise for as little as $899! Doesn’t sound too bad huh?

Wine & Dine

In exquisite Italy

From $1,820Book Now!

Singapore is commonly known as a “food paradise”, however, as authentic as our version of Italian and French cuisine might be, why settle for anything other than the real deal? Pizza in Rome or pasta in Venice, fulfil your fantasy of having your favourite European flavours where it all began!

There is something so damn bellissimo about Italy that you might never want to leave (and we don’t just mean the people and architecture).
Italian cuisine is known for combining high quality ingredients with simple cooking technique to produce a work of art on a plate.

With the Italian Espresso, you get to learn how to make your favourite Italian food while enjoying some of the world’s greatest works of art and architecture from just $1,820 (flights included!).

Chill Vibes

On Fiji's pristine beaches

From $1,689Book Now!

What comes to mind when you think of holidays? Lying on a sandy beach reading a book as you soak up on those much needed, long awaited rays?

Apart from having some of the most incredible beaches, Fiji is home to beautiful lakes, waterfalls, underwater caves and colourful marine life and coral.

You don’t have to stay in one place with the Bula Island Hopping Pass, opening up the whole chain of Yasawa and Mamanuca islands. Hop on the Yasawa Flyer and take your pick from dozens of different islands and resorts, all of which are stunningly located on the crystal clear waters of the Pacific.

Bula! Seven nights accommodation, all your meals, transport between the islands of your choice and flights to this beach paradise all for just $1,689. Sit back and enjoy the waves, we’ll take care of the rest.

Family Fun

Explore Vietnam

From $1,870Book Now!

Tired of the usual family vacation to Disneyland?Trade crowded theme parks and zoos for some off-the-beaten-track experiences and island hopping in Vietnam.

Vietnam is gifted with an abundance of flavourful food, untouched nature and disarmingly friendly people - perfect for a family vacation! There is no wonder why Vietnam has more than earned its reputation as one of the world’s most popular travel destinations.

G Adventures’ 12 days Vietnam Family Adventure packs cruising along Halong Bay, exploring Imperial Citadel in Hue, museum visits, boat trips on Vietnam’s famous floating market and more - and you’ll still have enough time to kick off your shoes and relax. From just $1,870, the only thing you need worry about it packing your bags and we’ll take care of the rest.

Cali Dreamin'

Leap into the wild!

From $2,597Book Now!

No travel list is complete without the U.S. of A. and California is surely one of the highlights of any visit. Home to the sets of your favourite television shows, numerous productions studios and all things glamorous, it’ll be difficult to find someone who wouldn’t be drawn in by the Californian charm.

Although California is most known for housing the city of angels, you shouldn’t miss out on visiting the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix, the Grand Canyon (have you really been to the USA otherwise?), Route 66 (and of course,) Vegas, while you’re there!

Lose track of time and do a little more than eating, shopping and partying with Contiki’s Western Highlights, starting at $2,597 (flights included). Don’t forget to get your camera ready to capture the many insta-worthy sights along the way!

Northern Lights

Capture the dazzling spectacle

From $1,999Book Now!

In envy of those #nofilter #photographytoday #instapassport #instatravelling hashtags accompanying of your friends on their latest adventures? Want to get in on the action yourself? Look no further than one of the most photographed natural phenomenons in the world; the Northern Lights!

This one features high on any list of places that you absolutely must travel to, and with so much more to offer than just staring up at the sky (even though the light show Mother Nature puts on is pretty spectacular), get yourself to Iceland this 2018!

With Contiki’s Fire & Ice tour, your trip needn’t be accompanied by a hefty price tag. You’ll be guided through Iceland’s outdoor playground with a group of young travellers from around the world. All for only $1,999 including accommodation and meals.

Wild Safari

Be in awe of Africa's wildlife

From $1,519Book Now!

When you think of Africa, you think safari. And when you think of safari, you think of Simba, Timon and Pumbaa (or is that just us?). However, safaris offer much more than what you see in the Lion King!

You can track rhinos on foot at Zimbabwe’s Matobo National Park, and search for the Big Five in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. Alongside the resident wildlife, African safaris promise awe-inspiring sceneries, natural historical sights and cultural immersions with the locals.

Ease the weight of your adventure with G Adventures’ Kruger, Falls & Zimbabwe tour. See Johannesburg before journeying to Victoria Falls for safari drives, baths in hot springs and local dancing for just $1,519. Lock in your package for just $99 with STA Travel’s exclusive Book Now, Pay Later.

Eat, Pray, Love

In captivating India

From $939Book Now!

Other than tandoori chicken, curry and the Taj Mahal, most Singaporeans know little about the second most populous country in the world.

Excite your senses in India with a cacophony of sounds, vibrant colours and stark contrasts between old and new. Be amazed by every nook and cranny of India from quaint local villages to the majestic Taj Mahal.

From just $939, the Golden Triangle Tour takes you on a culture trip safely and comfortably whether you’re traveling solo or with friends. With G Adventures championing responsible travel, you’ll be giving back as much as you’re taking away on this trip.

And to help you check off this adventure off your 2018 travel goals, book this incredible trip in January and get 20% off!

Rail Adventures

Through Europe

From $207Book Now!

The only downside to travel is expensive flights, queues at immigration (it makes you love Changi even more!) and hours of waiting around. Why not spare yourself that ordeal and switch it up a little with the classic European rail journey!

This vintage and efficient mode of transport gets you in and out of the centre of Europe’s major cities and travels through the countryside in style and comfort whilst you watch the world go by.

Whether you want to explore the iconic landmarks of Western Europe (Eiffel Tower anyone?), travel through the Balkans or see what Eastern Europe has to offer, you can tailor your travel with a Eurail Pass! You know what, speak to one of our Rail Experts today to plan your European adventure and we’ll throw in some great flight deals.


Get lit in Germany!

From $1,377Book Now!

Sing, dance and most importantly chug as much beer as you can!

Oktoberfest is the world’s largest Volksfest (beer festival and travelling funfair) held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. Running from mid September to early October, the party hosts more than 6 million people from around the world each year! That’s Singapore’s population partying along with you!

With lots of dancing and carnival fare, with plenty of opportunity to drink and make merry, Germany is the place to be. Don’t worry about your wallet too much, you can camp in the heart of the party for $1377, flights and meals included. Need we say more?

Retail Therapy

In Tokyo & Taipei

From $1,099Book Now!

There’s nothing a little bit of retail therapy can’t cure. Unleash your inner shopaholic demons and snag some of the best deals in town!

Treat yourself to a plethora of exquisite goods from renowned brands at two of the world’s shopping paradises, Taiwan and Japan.

Tuck into the cities’ local delights while fulfilling your shopping fix at the bustling night markets in Taipei and posh boutiques and world-renowned department stores in Tokyo from just $1,099. With so much to do and so little time, you might need a little help to get around. We can even throw in a 7-day JR pass into the mix for you to tour the rest of Japan while you’re there (and shop more if your wallet allows?). Sit back and enjoy your well deserved break from reality.

Time Travel

Through mysterious Egypt

From $1,836Book Now!

The Great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx are some of the many wonders that continue to confound archeologists and leave the rest of us marvelling even today.

Fulfil your childhood dreams by travelling back in time (safely) through beautiful Egypt with G Adventures’ “Egypt on a Shoestring”. Float down the Nile River on a felucca, be blown away by the great pyramids and embrace the city’s culture while dining with a local family in a Nubian village.

Rid yourself of overpriced transportation and costly last-minute hotel bookings and instead enjoy your adventure through the Valley of Kings. Don’t just dream of Egypt, wake up in the “Land of the Pharaohs” and start your adventure this 2018.

Island Hopping

In picturesque Greece

From $1,971Book Now!

Be the envy of your instagram followers with swell #ootds against pristine white houses overlooking majestic blue waters. Santorini is only one of the 200 islands and 6,000 islets scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, making up Greece.

The Greek Archipelago stretches across 7,500km, with too many beaches to count, coastal caves, steep rocks and dark coloured sand typical of volcanic soil. Paired with unique archeological sites and centuries-old traditions, the Greek islands are perfect for you to be one with Greek culture and nature’s creations.

From just $1,971, fly to Athens and enjoy the 11 days Greek Island Hopper. Soak-up sunshine while splashing about playing water-sports, rave on the coast and be stunned by the islands’ world-famous sunsets.

Intern Abroad

Work & play in new territories

From $2,120Book Now!

Is your resume looking a little dull? Thinking of spending the summer doing an internship? Interning abroad is your chance to develop global and professional skills in the workforce while immersing yourself in the culture of a new country and possibly gaining academic credit.

Internships are bountiful, but finding the right one can be hard. If you’re a current student or have graduated in the last twelve months, let us help you with a placement in the UK, Ireland or the USA. We’ll give you a $500 credit towards your flights and leave you just needing to impress!

Be Kind

Volunteer with animals abroad

From $1,239Book Now!

Are you an animal lover and advocate for responsible travel and sustainable tourism? So are we. Why pay hefty sums to play with dogs, cats and alpacas (yep, really!) in cafes when you can be giving something back to local communities and helping animals in their natural habitats?

Live with elephants in Surin, Thailand and help protect these gentle giants from a life of abuse and mistreatment. And, at the end of a fulfilling day, look after yourself too, and fill up on delicious Thai food!

In fact, we’re so keen for you to go and help the elephants, we’ll give you a $200 credit to use towards your flights when you book your volunteering package from only $1,239 including food and accommodation.