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Tertiary Educational School Tour

Tertiary Educational Tour

For Tertiary Instiutes

STA Travel has been organising relevant technical visits for universities, polytechnics and ITEs abroad since 1999 as we are able to get our participants into automobile manufacturing plants or television studios to learn about different themes such as supply chain management or broadcast journalism.

Business Studies

Organising a Business Studies trip can be a challenge for the organizers in schools and companies due to a myriad of specializations within the course itself. We cater to different company visits where representatives will give an overview of their business models.

Business studies in China

Join us in this training program with visits to different business associations and incubators in Shanghai to gain insights of the start-up scene. Participants will be able to explore the Yiwu industrial college that leverage on the Taobao e-commerce platform to train and assist their students to excel not only academically but also in being an entrepreneur.

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Innovation and Creativity

The age old question of whether creativity is based on nature or nurture will be answered when you travel with us to different parts of the world to learn how technology has been used to enhance innovation

Innovation in Korea

As one of the leading countries in Asia, Korea is constantly at the forefront of economic development. Key reasons for Korea’s success include its computer, mobile and biomedical technology. Learn more about the technology and future directions of Korean brands such as Samsung and Hyundai.

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Technology in Germany

Germany is well known for its technological advancements in engineering and nanotechnology. Their automotive industry is also filled with eminent brands such as Volkswagen, BMW and Audi and the good news is that, you will be able to visit some of the plants to understand the engineering and IT processes
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Fashion and Design

Visit the fashion schools or studios in different parts of the world to understand more about the fashion industry. Be inspired and we are sure you will be bringing back fabulous ideas after your trip with us.

Fashion and Design in Italy

The fashion leader of the world, Italy is home to many designer firms which also offer short term training for the participants who are interested in the fashion and design industry. Learn about fashion merchandising and fashion design through our learning programmes in different parts of Italy.
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Hospitality and Management

Embark on our learning trips to learn about hospitality, retail and hotel management. Visit real operational locations and let participants apply the concepts and tools that are acquired in school through interactive hands on experience.

Hospitality and Management in Thailand

Thailand is known as the land of smiles and this does certainly translate very well in the hospitality and management industry. Participants will also be able to learn from and be involved in some of the operational works of some of the most famous hotel chains and F&B outlets in Thailand.
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Music and Drama

From lessons in choral techniques to masterclasses on Brechtian Theatre, STA Travel provides a wide-range of customisable programmes for your students. Working with some of the world’s biggest theatre companies and symphonic orchestras and choirs, STA Travel provides a platform for your students to immerse themselves in programmes to push past their perceived boundaries and unlock their hidden potential.

Music and Drama in Vienna

STA Travel is the exclusive partner of Summa Cum Laude Festival in Singapore.

The annual Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival (SCL Festival), is Austria’s Premier Global Youth Music Festival. SCL Festival aims to provide a unique platform for the world's most talented youth choirs, bands and orchestras to perform.

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