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Student Travel

Eat, sleep, deadlines, repeat. Is this your life right now? We feel you buddy! You need something to look forward to, and that's where we come in (we're not known as the world's largest student and youth travel company for nothing, you know). Whether you're looking for student discounts, travel deals, student travel programs, or you just need a break from reading your Physics/Maths/English or some other ridiculously large book, then you've come to the right place. We live and breathe student travel adventures!

Student Exclusives

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STA Travel is the world's largest student and youth travel company. We negotiated hard with the world's leading airlines provide the cheapest airfares to young people around the world. Our 3 stores Singapore wide are the place to go, to get the lowest and most flexible airfares for over 40 years. 

T&Cs apply.

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Student Insurance

Specially designed for students at higher institutions, teachers and staff, our travel insurance is affordable, simple and comprehensive. Simply choose your region and trip duration and we'll help you settle the rest! T&Cs apply.
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ISIC Discount Card

One of the best things about being a student is the discounts! The International Student Identity Card (affectionately known as ISIC) gives you thousands of travel, online and lifestyle discounts in over 130 countries worldwide. It's the perfect partner for your next big trip! T&Cs apply.

Student Trips

Student Trips

Scrolling through your instagram and getting all envious about all the amazing travel photos that were posted? Here at STA Travel, we want to you to be able to be the one to post all those photos instead!
Student Trips

Student Exchange

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Exchange Timeline

Each schools will have its own specific timeline that studens will undergo as they prepare for their exchange semester. Use this as a general and fun guide to know what to expect if you haven't had any information from your school yet. Expand your education and world perspective by spending a semester or a year away!


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Travel Tips

Our handy guide from past students who have been on exchange on the do's and don'ts. Use these tips to make the most of your trip abroad. 

Packing List

Whilst every other blogs out there has their own version of travelling essentials, we thought we would switch it around. As such, we have come up with a list of items you should AVOID packing when you head overseas for your exchange semester.

Study Abroad

Study Abroad

At STA Travel we believe your education is an adventure too, so add that global touch but getting a qualification overseas. We can help you get in touch with our partners, grab some sweet flight deals and tours to help acclimatize to your new home country. 
Study Abroad