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Student Exchange Packing List

Exchange Packing List

Know what NOT to pack

Packing Mistakes to Avoid

Whilst every other blogs out there has their own version of travelling essentials, we thought we would switch it around. As such, we have come up with a list of items you should AVOID packing when you head overseas for your exchange semester.

Too often, we have seen students overpacking on unnecessary items. They end up having to spend more money purchasing extra luggage space when there was no need in the first place.

As such, we present to you these 10 items you should avoid bringing with you when going for exchange

What NOT To Pack

1. Liquid Toiletries.

Unless you are really particular about the brand of shampoo and soap you use, you can easily find toiletries you need once you arrive at your destination. That being said, you should still pack in some travel-size toiletries that would last you for the first couple weeks. This allows you some time to familiarise yourself with your new environment and find out where the supermarkets are. Do some shopping after that and you’ll easily find the toiletries that you’ll need. This can save you lots of luggage space.

2. Many Physical Books.

You’ve probably seen the movies where the protagonists peacefully reads a book whilst taking a long train ride. You have romanticised this moment, and are now imagining yourself doing that abroad. The problem is that once you’re done with that book, you still have to pack it in your suitcase on the trip home. As such, our advice would be to invest in a sleek new Kindle. This way, you can read as many books without fear of taking up excessive luggage space.


3. Hangers.

If you’ve had any experience packing hangers before, you’ll realise soon enough how awkwardly shaped they are. Taking up the perimeter space whilst leaving the center empty, they aren’t ideal if you are aiming for compact packing. Similar to the toiletries, you’ll easily be able to find shops selling hangers easily no matter where you are. They are living essentials, after all.


4. Hair Dryers. 

Whilst they do take up a disproportionately large space in your suitcase, that’s not the only reason we advice against packing hair dryers. Due to the different voltage systems, you hair dryer simply might not work at your end destination. Many students have found that their dryers ceased working completely after just one or two use. It might be a better idea to wait till you arrive at your destination, and then buy a hair dryer. It is guaranteed to be compatible with the local electrical voltage this way.


5. Laptop.

Don’t get us wrong, you definitely need this for your school, so feel free to pack it in your travel luggage. What we mean is for you to leave it out during short trips to other cities. When you’re out travelling and sightseeing, you wouldn’t want to spend too much time with your laptop. It can even feel really liberating this way. As they say, “Disconnect to Connect”. So leave your laptop behind and go out to have some fun.


6. Large cameras.

If you’re not pursuing photography as a hobby, but simply want to capture the memories, we suggest you to leave the camera behind. Your phone camera can capture pretty good photos too. Bringing such a bulky item compromises on the travel experience.They are heavy, expensive, and you’ll spend a lot of time looking out for it. In the worst case scenario, where you misplace or lose your camera, it’ll be a downright bummer.

Begin Your Journey

It’s never easy to know what the true travel essentials are when you’re going to be away from home for six months. We thought that by making this list, you will have a clearer idea on what items are worth leaving behind. Good luck packing, and remember to have lots of fun during exchange! If you can't wait to start on your journey, then start with our BlueTicket. It's meant specially for students!

Flight Tickets (BlueTicket)

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