Scrolling through your instagram and getting all envious about all the amazing travel photos that were posted? Here at STA Travel, we want to you to be able to be the one to post all those photos instead!

Student Holidays consists of the different kind of travel experiences that we want to share with you with. We've been there and done that...BUT don't just listen to what we or others say, go EXPERIENCE it yourself this 2016!

Time to tick off those destinations on your travel bucketlist!


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FROM $1049Student Holidays

Flight to London : From SGD1030

10 Days | Seven countries in ten days...sounds like a tour for people who know what they want and don't have time to wait around for it! This is a great introduction to Europe for first timers, giving you a taste for more. Wear clogs in Amsterdam, visit a beerhall in Munich and cruise the canals of Venice on a gondola, you won't want to miss a moment! This trip is also one of the best for scenery lovers with drives over the famous Brenner Pass and past Lake Como.



FROM $1799 Student Holidays

Flight to London : From SGD1030

12 days | If trips were like courses at a dinner party, the European Discovery would be the appetiser. 8 countries in one shot gives you a taste of all the big cities plus some hidden treasures, so you know where to go next time! From Amsterdam to Rome to Paris, you won't want to miss a thing. In fact, sleep will probably be the last thing on your mind!



FROM $1614 Student Holidays

Flight to Naples : From SGD1200

8 days | Charming hilltop towns, acres of lemon groves and vineyards, mile after mile of stunning cliffs kissed by cobalt-blue waters… its official name is the Amalfi Coast, but this magical land answers to "heaven." On this trip, you’ll live like one of the region’s (incredibly lucky) locals, discovering the small towns, mountain trails and local customs of this uniquely beautiful place. Explore the ruins of Pompeii in the morning, hike the coastline of the Med by afternoon, and tuck into bed at your converted 17th-century monastery home base at sundown. Paradise incarnate.



FROM $599Student Holidays

Flight to Reykjavik : From SGD1350

4 days | If you’re looking for an extra-special long weekend, then there’s no cooler getaway than Iceland (pardon the pun). This quick trip packs a ton of activity into just four days, depending on what time of year you choose to go: a Northern Lights excursion in the winter, a glacier hike in the summer, and much more. You get three nights to explore around Reykjavík with a multitude of options for great things to do. Be sure to pack a camera – you’ll be making a lot of memories in a short period of time.


Oktoberfest Camping

FROM $309 Student Holidays

Flights to Munich : From SGD1123

4 days | This has got to be at the top of everyone’s bucket list. It’s not just a European must-do; it ranks up there as one of the world’s biggest parties! Where else can you drink from steins the size of your head, burp loudly to oompah music and get away with wearing lederhosen?


Sonar Music Festival

FROM $729 Student Holidays

Flights to Barcelona : From SGDSGD974

5 days | The international festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art. Simply put: Barcelona's premier hipster festival. All the splits and cracks of Barcelona become flooded by musical genius. Sonar takes over the city with epic concerts and incredible art installations.Take the chance to visit an amazing city and seize the opportunity to enjoy Europe’s most musically blessed festival.

6 days

Exit Festival

from $982Save up to $109

Flights to Budapest : From SGD942

Just admit it. When you visited that historic site all you were thinking about was how epic a party there would be. Well here's the good news. This is that party you imagined. An incredible festival held in a 300 year old Serbian river fortress. It boasts massive musical superstars, a crowd of 200,000 international ravers, and more festival awards than you’d care to know about. Leave nothing to the imagination and join us for one of the prettiest, biggest and best music festivals in the world.



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