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Student Exchange Timeline

Student Exchange Timeline

Know what to expect

Pre-Exchange Milestones

Each schools will have its own specific timeline that students will undergo as they prepare for their exchange semester. Use this as a general and fun guide to know what to expect if you haven't had any information from your school yet. Expand your education and world perspective by spending a semester or a year away!

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Student Exchange Timeline

1) Submitting your shortlist

Probably the most important thing to take note of when choosing your exchange university is the number of mappable modules you can take. If you’re pursuing popular degrees such as Business, Accounting, or Engineering, then don’t worry, this would not be a big issue. However, if you’re studying less popular one, do pay close attention to the availability of modules offered by the shortlisted universities. Make sure to afford yourself some room for error. For example, if you plan to take two Information Systems (IS) modules, a safe bet would be to shortlist universities which offer more than five IS modules in any semester. 

Period: June | December 


2) Exchange Results

Once you’ve submitted your shortlist, all you’ve got to do is to sit back and relax. It’s out of your hands for now! Your university should come back to you with the results within a month of two from the date of application. 

Period: July | January


3) Subsequent Rounds of Application

The results are now back! Hopefully, you’ve gotten your top few choices. If not (sorry folks), your school would have opened up another round for reapplication. Take this opportunity to consider other destinations if you have yet to get any of your choices! 

Period: August – September | February - March


4) Pre-Departure briefing confirmation

After the final rounds of reapplication, the finalised results will be sent to all students, as well as an invitation to a pre-departure briefing. Attend it to find out administrative matters (boring but necessary) such as how to plan for your courses, the deadlines for mapping courses and so on. You’ll then submit the final confirmation to say that you agree to the undertaking of this program.

Period: October | April


5) Local School Confirmation 

You will hear from your school again shortly after, this time with specific staff members serving as the point of contact. They will be the regional expert where your school is based, so feel free to ask them for any cultural tips. You will get an official document that confirms your exchange semester (Yay!)

Period: October | April


6) Host school confirmation

The very last step before you go for exchange! The host school will send you an email that confirms your attendance for the next semester. Along with the email will be the matriculation details you’ll need. All that’s left to do now is to settle your flights, accommodation, insurance, as well as visa application.
Period: November | May

Travelling necessities

As the world's largest student and youth travel company, we have plenty of student deals to offer you! Air fares do fluctuate quite a bit, so it might be a good idea to start exploring on the air ticket fares as early as you can.

Airfares are cheaper the earlier you book and the BlueTicket deposit of $99 can be transferred one time to any other BlueTicket flight. This means that you can get the cheapest flight. If your host university changes or different dates are needed, then you’ve lost nothing. If dates and location stay the same, then you’d have likely scored a cheaper fare!
Terms and conditions apply

Flight Tickets (BlueTicket)

STA Travel has deals that are catered specifically to students that are going on exchange. As long as you’re under 31 years old, you can enjoy these benefits with the purchase of BlueTickets with STA Travel.
  • Secure your flight for $99
  • Up to 40kg baggage allowance
  • Free Date change
  • Price Beat Guarantee
  • Multi-stop routes 

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Blue Ticket

Student Insurance

Specially designed for students at higher institutions, STA Travel insurance is affordable, simple and comprehensive. Simply choose your region and trip duration and STA will help you settle the rest!
  • From as low as $1/day
  • Exam delay cover
  • Fun activities cover
  • Fully refundable within 14 days
  • Up to $3,500 for valuables damaged

    Terms and conditions apply
Student Insurance


Most host universities either have their own dormitories catered specifically for exchange students like you, or have affiliated hostels that they work with. At STA Travel, we work with our partners at to provide you with a variety of long-term accommodation options.

Visa Information

Many students have mentioned that the student application process can take a few weeks, and even up to a month, so it’s best to get this done as early as you can. What you will need for the application is:
  1. Proof of overseas study semester 
  2. Proof of residency

However, visas rules are complex and always changing, so consult your school and the host countries' consular webpages for more information.

Travel Information