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'Singapore is now the best city I have ever been to in my life and this was only after two days of being there, in my view it is the cleanest city I have ever seen and boasts a great transport system and it also feels very safe to walk around as a traveller, our whole experience was great fun and we both enjoyed it a lot’
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Singapore man, what a great place. Had a quality couple of days here like. It's quite dear though.  Decided the plan of action for the first day was to go for a bit of a wander. Singapore has so many 'Malls' it's unreal, it's a whole other world under the ground!’
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‘Sentosa Island, this was by far our favourite part of the trip, you can get there various ways, we crossed over by cable car, bit scary but fab views.  There is loads to do on the island & its really well laid out, free buses run every couple mins to take you around.  We went to underwater world first and then to fish reflexology-by far the weirdest experience!! You put your feet into a pool of Turkish spa fish for 20 mins and they nibble your feet & eat all your dead skin-nice eh??’
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