Safe travel matters

While the world is a beautiful place, we recognise the fact that it is a changing one. With the current political climate, we should be aware of some of the more dangerous places to visit at this time. By planning ahead and arming yourself with the correct information, you can reduce the risks you might encounter overseas.


Find out about your destinations

Keep abreast of the latest government information on travel warnings and precautions. Visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) website for the latest travel information.

Health precautions Ask your health professional at least eight weeks before you go for advice on any health precautions needed in the area you are visiting e.g. anti-malaria medication, vaccinations.
Don't leave home without travel insurance Make sure you buy a travel insurance policy which covers your personal circumstances and planned activities. STA Travel has teamed up with Chartis Insurance, the world's leading international and general and reinsurance groups to provide you with flexible travel insurance.
Register your travel plans with MFA Register your travel plans online now with MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) so that you can be contacted in an emergency.
Make copies of all documents 

Make copies of your passport, insurance policy, 24 hour emergency numbers and ticket details. Carry one set separate from the originals and leave another set with family or friends.

Keep in touch 

Contact home if you are near a major disaster or incident while travelling overseas and know where your nearest Singapore Embassy is located.

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