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Online booking help

Have a question about making a booking online? Fret not, we are here to help! Check out our frequently asked questions and answers below and you'll be an expert in no time.

What payment methods do you accept online? 
We can accept credit card payments of Visa and Mastercard for flight bookings made through our website.  
Are the prices online the same as in an STA Travel branch? 
All our fares online are bookable at any STA Travel branch, however the cheapest price can often be found online as you are doing all the searching and payment process yourself!  So, if you find a cheap flight and want to make sure your low price is guaranteed, we recommend you buy online instantly if you are happy with the airfare.

However, if you can't find what you want online or want a stopover, you can email us at, call us on 6737 7188 or pop into your nearest branch and we'll try to find you the best flight we can. Please note, when receiving personal service from one of our travel advisers we will charge a service fee. Your travel adviser will be able to provide you with this information when you contact us - just ask!
Do I need to pay in full when I book online? 

When booking online we require full payment to confirm your booking. This guarantees your seat and price.

If you need payment flexibility, email us at, call us on 6737 7188 or pop into a branch and see what our travel advisors can do for you.

Do I get a receipt when I book online? 
You will receive an email confirmation of your booking (this will show your GST if it applies).
What if I can't find the flight date I want online? 

If you are travelling on a peak travel date (e.g. Christmas Eve) you may find availability is low.  If you can be flexible by a few days either side of your preferred travel date, you may find more availability. You may also find that certain airlines only fly to certain destinations on specific days.

Try using the date changing fields (‘Previous day’ and ‘Next day’ buttons and calendar icon) to scroll between dates to check price differences. 

I need to travel immediately, can I book online? 

When booking online with the earliest you can travel is within seven days. If you wish to book and travel within this time, please call us on 6737 7188, email (during Monday to Friday) or contact your nearest branch.

Some airfares require a paper ticket which cannot be issued electronically and this takes a little more time to get to you. If you have any questions about the time required between booking online and departure, please call the us on 6737 7188 or email on

Why is a booking I made a few moments ago now not available after I've entered my payment details? 

The availability of certain deals is limited. Because we are presenting the best deals to many customers at the same time as they search online, you may find all the seats at that price can be taken very quickly.

Your booking is always reconfirmed with the airline reservation system before we take any payment from you. This is why, once you have found the best deal, we encourage you to have your credit card and personal details with you and ready to enter. If we cannot confirm your original booking request we will always offer you the next best deal based on your original search. No money is taken from you until your booking is confirmed. 

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