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Oyster card

Cheapest way to travel London

This nifty card will have you on your way to the likes of Covent Garden, Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus as soon as you land. Order your card today, it works just like an EZ-Link!

Why do you need it?

1) No time wasting - Don't spend time waiting in line at train stations jump straight on board with Oyster.

2) Saves you money - A single tube journey will cost £4 with cash but is just a maximum of £2 with an Oyster card.

3) Super Easy - your card is reusable and the credit never expires so if you don't use it all you can pass along to a friend to use.

4) Arriving into Heathrow - You can use your Oyster card immediately by jumping on the Tube to get into the city center.

5) Arriving in Gatwick - You will need to catch the Gatwick Express to Victoria station this is not included on the Oyster Card, but once you get to Victoria you can start using your Oyster Card to ride the Tube the rest of the way into the city center.

Oyster Card

An EZ-Link Card

For only $40£15 credit inside!

The Visitor Oyster Card is the cheapest and most flexible way to travel around London.

It comes pre-loaded with a £15 value.

Plus once your credit runs out, you can easily top up with any amount at over 3,000 outlets around London.
You can use your Oyster card to travel on London buses, the tube (London Underground) and the Docklands Light Rail (DRL) as well as London Overground services