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Learning a new language or skill abroad is an experience that will stay with you forever. Whether you're looking to learn Japanese in Tokyo or become fluent in French while living in Paris, we'll give you all the information you need to set you up on your next big adventure and help you plan an adventure like no other.

Why Study Abroad?

All our courses are professional accredited courses and make speaking a new language fun, exciting and very memorable.  Ignite your passion for language, improve your CV, make new friends and gain independence all whilst travelling the world...

Our partner schools offer courses lasting from 1 week to 12 months, giving you flexible timing and budgets.  Whatever your language preference, you won't be tongue tied for long...

Learn a language in Asia

Keen to become multi-lingual?  Why not head over to Seoul, where you can learn Korean and practise your newfound language skills on a daily basis. Or make Tokyo your classroom and learn about the history, culture and cuisine whilst learning to speak Japanese.  Chat with locals in their own lingo, make new friends and have a fun-filled adventure...

Learn Korean from $850

Korea is Asia's hottest new destination! There are endless opportunities for language exchange, socialising…and the chance to get yourself lost in the excitement of the new cultural heart of Asia!  Programmes offer tuition, accommodation, meal options and extra optional cultural and social excursions.

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Learn Japanese from $1470

Skyscrapers, sumo wrestling and sushi, learn Japanese in Japan and see the culture and the history of this bustling city firsthand. We work with a partner school in Tokyo to offer you the opportunity to learn the lingo in the heart of Japan. Programmes offer tuition, accommodation and meal options, plus you get the chance to tick off some amazing cultural sights.

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Learn a language in Europe

Combine your next European adventure with learning a language.  Learn French or Spanish in Europe and improve your language skills whilst delving in French cuisine, or snacking on tapas.  Improve your Italian to cover more than the food menu and discover the cultural heritage and long standing history of our Mediterranean favourites. You'll have a fantastic time and be able to communicate with the locals in no time... 

Learn French from $820

Learn the joie de vivre (joy of life) the French way by learning the language and the culture in France. We work with partner schools in Paris and Nice, offering you amazing locations to learn the language of love.  Language courses offer tuition, accommodation, meal options, sporting and cultural activities.

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Learn Spanish from $815

Tapas, Sangria and Fiestas, learn Spanish in Spain and immerse yourself in the language and the culture. We work with partner schools in Barcelona & Madrid, so you can study Spanish in some great locations. Programmes offer tuition, accommodation, meal options, and extras like cultural activities.

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Learn Italian from $645

Learn the colourful Italian language in the best place in the world - Italy.  We have partner schools in Rome, Venice and Florence, offering you the opportunity to study Italian where Renaissance scholars did! Programmes offer tuition, accommodation, meal options and extra optional excursions.  Ciao!

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