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Japan Rail Pass

Japan - where futuristic bullet trains speed between super-sized cities and snowy mountains, the lates gadgets are a way of life and the generous locals always stop to say 'konichiwa'. Despite its space-age gloss, Japan also has a proud and ancient history with timeless traditions, plus plenty of palaces, castles and shrines for you to explore!

The Japan Rail Pass is specifically designed for travellers and can only be booked outside of Japan. They are usually available in two classes - Ordinary (standard class) or Green (first class). Japan Rail Passes are only available to foreign travellers visiting Japan from abroad for sightseeing purposes, travelling under the status of 'temporary visitor'. You have up to three months from date of issue before the pass must be exchanged in Japan for a ticket. Also note at present the pass does not include travel on the Nozomi-type Shinkansen (bullet trains) on the Tokaido and Sanyo lines.


To book your rail pass, speak to our Rail Expert at 8793 8134 or drop us an email at today!

Japan Rail Pass

Unlimited travel around Japan

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Get unlimited rail travel around the entire country of Japan. A Japan Rail Pass will allow you to travel on all Japan Railway lines and affiliated buses and ferries. This pass is excellent value for money with the 7 day pass costing about the same as a return ticket from Tokyo to Kyoto!

There are passes available for 7, 14 and 21 days in length, which let you travel as far as you like within the validity of your pass. The Japan Railway network will take you to all the major cities plus the little towns inbetween! Grab yours online today and we'll have it delivered right to your doorstep.