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STA Travel is the largest student and youth travel company in the world. With 3 retail locations in Singapore and an online presence at, anyone looking to “experience the world face to face” has access to comprehensive travel products and services including airfares, accommodations and tours, discount cards, travel insurance, volunteer projects, working holidays and more through STA Travel.

Why STA Travel?

STA Travel’s core purpose is to make travel affordable and attainable for young adults (or the young at heart!). We offer much more than just cheap airfare. We provide real value with the flexibility and features our travellers want and offer genuine advice and experience – not sales talk..  STA Travel believes that all people will be significantly impacted by their travel experience. Travel is a rite of passage in the never-ending quest for understanding, and we believe there is no better way to break down cultural barriers, foster respect for diversity, remove fear and learn about life than through travel.


Let us help you plan your next office retreat, education tour or just a fun trip with your pals. Drop us an e-mail at or call us at 6733 2218 to find out more. 

About Us

Appointed by MOE

STA Travel is appointed by the Ministry of Education (under the Framework Agreement for Schools Overseas Programme-Tender No: MOE/17/PB/01-003) to operate educational tours in all panels.

Value for Money

As the world’s largest student travel organisation, STA Travel has the capability to purchase in bulk quantities due to our aggregated global demands. With years of experience and quality as assurance, we craft our overseas education travel programmes at the best cost for our value-added service.

Education Objectives

STA Travel is in tune with the MOE and IB syllabuses taught in schools. As such, our field inquiries and education trips will meet and enhance the value of overseas trips.

One-Stop Shop

Our staff seeks to share the administrative workload of the trip planners so that they can focus more on teaching and planning. STA Travel has the administrative system in place to partner schools or organisations in their planning and due diligence processes.

Social Responsibility

STA Travel has a responsibility to provide authentic and sustainable experiences for our customers, as well as the different stakeholders from locations we have been working with and to ensure that travel has a positive impact on their communities and economies.

Peace of Mind

STA Travel actively promotes good safety standards to all the suppliers we work with across all our programmes. We work with reputable tour operators and suppliers, who all meet their local and national safety standards.

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