Europe & USA

Europe is so jam-packed full of famous sights, it could literally take years to see it all. Unless you've just won lottery and quit your job, we're guessing you're a little tighter on time, but you still want to see as much as possible. Alternatively, you've worked out Europe is a pretty big place and you've decided not to try and see it all in one visit. Smart move. You can perhaps focus on regional tours for an indepth discovery of your favourite corner of this diverse continent.

Throughout Europe

History: Tracing the route of Hitler from Munich to Berlin. Guided Third Reich walks and educational tours in Museums.

Music: Behind-the-scenes visit and management briefing of Bosendorfer piano factory. Meeting with a representative of one of Vienna's renowned arts institutions. Guided tours to various Musicians and composers houses.

Festivals: Appointed agents to manage some of the renowned festivals in Central Europe - Summa Cum Laude, Festa Musicale, Dance Grand Prix.

Sustainable Development & Renewable Energy Production: Discussion with repsentative of non-governmental, not-for-profit association of energy and environmental specialist and economics. Technical visit at a Hydroelectric Power Plant.

Art: Galleries and museum workshops in Paris, Northern Spain and Italy. Art master classes in Italy. Guided walks in Artist Corners across Europe.

       No place is better than the home of the Queen's English to spark out interest in English and appreciate the works of the great English writers! We will attend workshops and visits hometowns of well-known writers to gain insights into their works and their inspirations. There are also many first class musicals and plays in London West End and Globe Theatre that we include in out learning journey.

Literature & English: Trace the roots of the English writers and poets, creative and poetry writing workshops working writers and poets, workshops at Shakespeare's birthplace and Globe Theatre.

Geography & Science (Field Studies Council): A series of on-site location that offers 3-5 days residence programmes for students. Much of the work is based in the field and collection field data analysis back at the centre.

Drama: Masterclasses on costume designs and make-ups. Drama workshops by working actors. Guided tour of Globe. Backstage tours of the Theatres. Musical and play watching.

Art: guided talks and lessons in various museums across London - National Gallery, Tate Modern. Cartoon drawing workshop. Visit and talk in Saatchi Gallery. Visit to Goldsmith and Slade.

Economics: Introductory talk on the history of money and the history of the English bank notes in Bank of England. Specialized talks by educational members of the London Stock Exchange.

In-depth understanding of migrants living in East Coast USA. Visit top universities in Boston and New York. Visit the United Unions and Federal Bank. Be inspired in the Metropolitan Museum of Art or a behind-of-the-scene tour at the American Museum of Natural History. Go on a walking tour of the financial district and Ground Zero.

I.T.: Silicon Valley, School exchange with Berkeley University, Stanford University. Visit to Computer History Museum, Intel and NASA Research Center. Disney YES(Youth Education Series) programme.

Geography: Volcano and coastal studies in Hawaii. Ranger guided tour of the Grand Canyon. Visit a wind far.

Economics: Visit the bank vaults and understand about the functions of the Federal Reserve. Guided walks through the financial districts. Attend a lecture by the staff  of the IMF. See where the US currencies are printed.

Cultural Exchange: Visit the Museum of Chinese in America and interview a Chinese migrant. Gain insight to the livelihood of a Jewish migrant in New York. Visit to Ellis Island. Walking tour of Chinatown, Little Italy,etc. Guided tour of the United Nations. Visits to the various university campuses - Columbia, MIT, Harvard.




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