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Educational Tours

STA Travel is a pioneer in the Educational Travel sector in Singapore with a team dedicated in assisting schools with their travel needs since 1999. Our years of experience and expertise has resulted in STA Travel being the agency of choice under the MOE Framework agreement for Overseas Educational Learning Journey. 


Rich historical learning trips are top of the agenda with our historical tours! Travel back to Qing dynasty or witness the rise of the Third Reich. We do not have a time machine but we can provide something close as we can bring participants to the Forbidden Palace or the Versailles Palace. Need some ideas? Each can be tailored to your students to specifically meet their curriculum and trip objectives.

History of China

Experience China’s rich history and culture through visits to prominent historical and cultural sights. Through these visits to places like The Terracotta Army and The Summer Palace, students are able to learn of their historical significances through on-site interaction and experiences. Have a walk through the different dynasties and understand the dynamics that gave birth to modern China.
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History of Germany

The geopolitical arena cannot be understood today without basic knowledge of the events and wars that transpire during the mid-20th Century. Learn more about the rise and fall of the Third Reich through visits to the Reichstag Building and Nuremberg. As history is about perspectives, participants can also visit Dresden to see the war through the lens of the Germans
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Take your Geography students on an unforgettable adventure. Each can be tailored to your students to specifically meet their curriculum and trip objectives. Whether it is the Mekong Delta in Vietnam or coastal formations at Great Ocean Road, our Educational Travel Consultants have been there and done that, so they're perfectly able to advise on a location to best suit your group! 


Geography in Vietnam

Vietnam presents a rich and enticing lure for geography students. Discover why the Mekong Delta is known as the “Biological Treasure Trove” or visit the Can Gio Biosphere Reserve, an important wildlife sanctuary in Vietnam which is characterized by a wetland Biosystem dominated by mangrove and many rare species. Learn about the reforestation project and get hands on in helping plant the mangroves
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Geography in Australia

Make your way to the Great Barrier Reef or Great Ocean Road to pay homage to the wonders of nature. The diversified landscape of Australia absolutely created vast geography study venues from the famous outback experience, down to Albany’s Natural Bridge and the world heritage site Blue Mountain. It’s an all in one learning experience within a country.
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Science & Technology

STA Travel educational trips has something for every student. Want to let your participants to learn more about science and technology? Here are some of our learning trips to inculcate the little Einstein and Musk. Each can be tailored to your students to specifically meet their curriculum and trip objectives.

Technology in US

Silicon Valley, Lessons at Berkeley University or Stanford University, this is our US Science trips. Visit the Computer History Museum, Intel and NASA Research Center and learn about physics and have fun at the same time through the Disney YES (Youth Education Series) programme.
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Technology in South Korea

Definitely the best Korea to study about science. Visit the country that is home to tech giants such as Samsung or Hyundai. Visit the different industrial sites and learn about different ICT that make this country a technological titan.
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