China is one of the world’s largest economic powerhouse and home to a whopping 1.3 billion people, ultra-modern architecture, awesome natural sights and iconic historical wonders. But the real uniqueness of any trip to China lies in your interaction with the local cultures and people. Our educational trips to China involves plenty of such interaction so whether it is a business study mission or a cultural studies visit; you can be sure your students will take home many different learning values besides the subject in focus. Here are some examples and sample trips for your reference and should you wish to find out more please contact us today!


Hong Kong, with its strategic geographical location and unique system under the Special Administrative Region of PRC, embraces both history and modernity. As a city that equally embraces both eastern and western culture, arts in all forms are amongst the highest calibre in Asia. Being a former colonial city of the British, Hong Kong and Singapore share similarities in education system and our school visits will be an eye opening experience.

Not forgetting insightful talks and hands on activities at Geo Park which reveal the environmental and sustainable development projects in this city-state. Experience firsthand how their government and ministries strike the balance between conservation and social/commercial developments. Our outdoor activities provide a high standard of team building and 21st century skills training.

The heritage walking trails will take you back into the beginning of Hong Kong as a modern city. Other activities could include hopping over to Shenzhen for factory visits or study on the economic growth of Hong Kong from British Colony to modern day autonomous state of PRC and also learn the role that Hong Kong holds on the economy of China.



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