Brazilian currency

Brazilian money is the real, and the exchange rate is approximately R$1.30 = SGD$1.  To find the most up to the minute Brazilian currency exchange rates go to Currency Converter.

Sample prices

It is always a good idea to budget for a trip so you don’t run out of money. Here are a few sample prices so you have plenty of dosh for your Brazil holiday:

  • Caipirinha (Brazil’s national cocktail) = R$5
  • Men’s hot pants (swimwear) = R$30
  • See the views from Sugarloaf Mountain = R$44
  • Football game at Maracanas stadium = from R$80
  • Hang gliding in Rio = R$200
  • Average room prices = you’ll pay around R$35 for cheap accommodation, R$80 - $100 for something mid-range, and R$128 and upward if you’re going all out.
  • Average meal prices = R$8 for a cheap dish, R$20 at a mid-range restaurant, and R$40 and upwards if you go somewhere swanky.

These prices are in Brazilian real, are correct as of 18/02/09 and are subject to change.

It would be rare to find a hotel that didn’t add a 10% service charge to the bill, as with restaurants.   Generally taxi drivers aren’t tipped but some people will often round up the total.

The normal banking hours in Brazil are from 10 am till 4 pm, Monday to Friday with the exception of holidays.  Credit cards are accepted but some restaurants may only accept Visa.  Traveller’s cheques don’t offer the best value for money and you will lose money when you cash them in.

*The Small Print
We’ve tried to make this destination guide as accurate as possible but please double check the essentials like visas, health and safety, airport information etc with the relevant authorities before you travel.  STA Travel takes no responsibility for loss, injury or inconvenience caused as a result of this guide.  All prices listed are in the currency of the destination, unless otherwise stated.

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