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New York’s growth and much of its appeal can be traced to its rich history of accepting diverse cultures. Built on the hard work and ambitions of immigrants seeking a better life, New York City has become a global economic and cultural powerhouse. Birthplace to famous politicians, businessmen, actors, and bankers, New York has made a name as an international hub for multiple industries and pursuits. There is no better city for your international internship. T&C's apply


Intern in New York

From 2 monthsFrom $6,283

In addition to a professional internship placement and housing, you’ll get access to a full array of top class professional and cultural development resources, exclusive invites to social and cultural events, one month transportation in NY and, great support from the full-time local team from start to finish! T&C's apply.

Terms and conditions

To be eligible for the J-1 visa which you will be interning in NYC on, you must:

- Be at least 18 years of age.

- Be enrolled as a full time student at a tertiary educational institute or have graduated within 12 months.

- Be studying towards/have obtained a degree.

- All applicants must have sufficient return evidence in order to be approved by the US Embassy. Return evidence

  can be a letter from your University/College stating that you will return to resume or continue your studies

  after your internship in the USA. For applicants not intending to return to study, this should be a letter from an

  employer stating that when you return from the US there will be a job available for you. If you hold a property

  deed for a property this will also be accepted in some cases.

- Proof of funds. You must show proof that you will have access to at least $750 for every month during your

  internship in the USA. This can be in the form of original bank statements and/or a Guarantor’s letter. You must

  submit your proof of funds with your application and at your US Embassy interview.

- Be prepared to leave the US 30 days after completion. These days can only be used for the departure and for


- The estimated cost of the sponsored J-1 visa is 1,135 USD. Please note that this could vary slightly depending on

  your specific embassy or consulate’s fee.

- If you need to expedite your visa there is an additional fee of 450 USD.

- You will also need to purchase insurance.