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Trains in Europe are reliable, fast and comfortable, and whizz you across borders with minimal fuss. If you want to visit multiple countries or to explore one country in depth, we recommend buying a rail pass as they're cheaper, easier and more flexible than buying individual tickets out there. So whether you want to explore the countries of Eastern Europe or spend the summer traveling around Italy or the UK, take a look at our range of tickets and rail passes to get you around Europe.

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Eurail Passes

Eurail Global Pass

From 5 daysSave up to 20%

Get unlimited rail travel in up to 28 European countries! Eurail is a co-operation between 26 European railway companies to hook people up with discounted rail travel across Europe. With a range of passes available, Eurail is the most flexible way to get around Europe!

The Eurail Global Pass is considered the 'golden ticket' of European rail travel, because it gives you the freedom to have unlimited travel within your chosen countries and time frame, allowing you to rock up to a train station whenever you want and get to your next stop! Plus, with discounts available for youths and groups, having a Eurail Global Pass can often be the cheapest way to travel around Europe. Buy your pass before you go and start planning your route!

Eurail Passes

4 Country Select Pass

From 5 daysSave up to 20%

The Eurail Select pass allows you to explore four European countries in great detail but with ultimate flexibility. Customize your pass for the countries you want to see, as long as they border each other by rail or ferry. With unlimited travel options and discounts available for youths and groups, get your Eurail pass before you go and start planning your route!

Eurail Passes

One Country Select Passes

From 3 daysFree travel day

Don't just get a fleeting glimpse at your chosen country, get under its skin and all that it has to offer with the Eurail One Country Pass. Available in 19 countries, these small but perfectly designed passes give either 3, 4, 5 or 8 days of travel within a one month period. With unlimited travel options and discounts available for youths and groups, get your Eurail pass before you go and start planning your route.

Eurail Passes

Eurail Regional Pass

From 4 daysFree travel day

The perfect pass if you've got your heart set on exploring two countries in greater depth. The Eurail Regional Pass provides you with 4, 5, 6, 8 or 10 days of travel within a two month period, with different durations available on each of the country combinations. With unlimited travel options and discounts available for youths and groups, get your Eurail pass before you go and start planning your route!

*price based on 4 days travel in 2 months

Eurail Italy One Country Pass

Italy is a nation that hosts unique and fascinating events of international resonance throughout the year, providing innumerable opportunities for experiencing intense emotions. The Eurail Italy Pass enables you to make the most of this truly amazing country.

Eurail Spain One Country Pass

Tear away from Spain’s beaches to discover the rest of this beautiful country. Spain is one of our most popular destinations and the Eurail Spain Rail Pass let's you experience the Flamenco, the beautiful beaches of the Costa del Sol, the rough mountain areas and centuries old sights including palaces and cathedrals.

France - Italy Regional Pass

Entitles you to almost unlimited train travel within and between France and Italy. Visit two classic holiday destinations with one Eurail pass. From the Tour Eiffel to the Colosseum, the Eurail France-Italy Regional Pass provides unlimited rail travel within a two month period in glorious France and irresistable Italy.

Benelux - France Regional Pass

What amazing value - 4 countries for the price of 2 (France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg)! Sample everything from the mussels in Brussels to the cheese and wine in France with this perfectly designed Eurail Benelux-France Regional Pass.

France - Germany Regional Pass

There's something for everyone in France and Germany's towns and cities - whether it's the big city buzz or the famous architecture, the historic sights, packed shopping streets or the scintillating nightlife. Check out what these two popular countries have to offer with the Eurail France-Germany Regional Pass.

German Rail Pass

Put Germany on your travel list for this fall! You can add more cities to your itinerary and make the most out of your German Rail experience. Travel more for less, order your pass with us today, and get 20% off on selected passes for your rail adventure!