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Educational Tours

Secondary Education

History in Vietnam
With an astonishing mix of natural highlights and cultural diversity, students will have the opportunity to learn more about Vietnam's history, such as the reunification and establishment of independent Communist Vietnam, and The Cold War and its impact in Vietnam. Immerse in the intricacies and horrors of war through visits to iconic spots like the Cu Chi Tunnels or War Remnant Museums.
History in China
As one of the world’s oldest civilization, China is a treasure trove for history and culture. Visit prominent historical and cultural sights like The Terracotta Army and The Summer Palace, where students are able to learn of their historical significances through on-site interaction and experiences. Walk through the different dynasties and understand the dynamics that gave birth to modern China.
History in Germany
The geopolitical arena today is reflective of events and wars that transpired in the mid-20th century. With Germany being a cultural hub of ground-breaking art and historic architecture, learn more about the rise and fall of the Third Reich through visits to the Reichstag Building and Nuremberg. If time permits, journey to Dresden to observe and understand the war through the lens of the Germans.
Geography in Vietnam
Vietnam provides a rich and enticing lure for geography students. Discover why the Mekong Delta is known as the “Biological Treasure Trove”. Visit the Cần Giờ Biosphere Reserve, a wetland ecosystem dominated by mangroves and many rare species of flora and fauna. Learn about the numerous reforestation projects in Vietnam from this wildlife sanctuary and try your hands at planting mangroves.
Geography in Australia
Make your way to the Great Barrier Reef or travel along the Great Ocean Road to pay homage to the wonders of nature. With places like Albany's Natural Bridge and Blue Mountains, the diversified landscape of Aussie creates various opportunities for geographic study. Paired with adventures at the Australian Outback, students will get an all-in-one learning experience through Aussie’s many wonders.
Science & Technology in USA
From Silicon Valley to lessons at Stanford, students can learn from some of the world’s biggest tech companies, top researchers and professors. Visits to Intel, NASA and various museums exposes students to fields from quantum physics to computer science. They can also immerse in Disney's YES programme to get hands-on educational adventures in areas like applied sciences and leadership development.
Science & Technology in South Korea
With Seoul being dubbed as the world’s leading digital city, South Korea is among the world’s most technologically advanced and digitally-connected countries. A global leader in electronics, digital display, semi-conductor devices and mobile phones, students will have the chance to visit tech giants such as Samsung and Hyundai, and learn how the nation became the technological titan she is today.
Language & Literature in England
Where better to learn more about the history behind the world’s greatest classics? Trace the roots of well-known English writers and poets while immersing yourselves in creative writing at the Globe Theatre, and taking trips down to Poet’s Corner at Westminster Abbey and Charles Dickens Museum. Get inspired and visit the Victoria & Albert Museum to explore its exhaustive theatre collections, too!

Tertiary Education

Business Studies in China
Gain deep insights on the start-up scene in Shanghai and learn how different business operations contribute to a company's success by visiting a diverse range of business associations, national enterprises, incubators and MNCs. Participants can explore Yiwu Industrial & Commercial College that leverages on the Taobao e-commerce platform to train and assist the students in becoming entrepreneurs.
Business Studies in Myanmar
What do Coca Cola, Samsung and Unilever have in common? They are among the steady stream of MNCs that have staked their presence in Myanmar after the nation’s liberalisation. Myanmar has been predicted to see higher economic growth rates over the years by The World Bank. Students will get the chance to learn of Myanmar's emerging business landscape and how it has transformed in the last decade.
Technology in South Korea
As one of the leading digital countries in Asia, South Korea is constantly at the forefront of economic development. Among many others, South Korea’s growing success can be attributed to its advanced mobile, computer and biomedical technology. Students will gain the opportunity to explore the technological advancements and future directions of Korean tech giants like Samsung and Hyundai.
Technology in Germany
Germany is well known for its advancements in engineering and nanotechnology. As one of the largest automotive markets in the world, Germany’s automotive industry is populated with renowned brands like Volkswagen, BMW and Audi. Of course, a learning journey to Germany would not be complete without a visit to some of these plants to better understand their innovative, engineering and IT processes!
Fashion and Design in Italy
Versace, Gucci and Prada - some of the world's most famous fashion brands originated from Italy. As a fashion leader of the world, this nation is home to numerous designer firms that offer short term training for people interested in the fashion and design industry. Students may also opt to learn more about fashion merchandising and designing through our different partner programmes across Italy.

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