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Travel opens up your mind, inspires, educates and brings excitement. Playing sports in different countries can bring new ideas to training and allows teams to measure their ability against the rest of the world. Our aim is to make Sports Travel easy, safe and most of all fun.


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Football in Thailand

Let’s partake in the football samba. Apart from experiencing the thrill from the friendlies that we will arrange for you, this is also an excellent opportunity for the participants to make friends with those from a different culture and understand more about their history and heritage through school exchanges and other community programmes.
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Netball in Australia

Interested in sending your participants to Australia for a 6 days netball training session? Look no further! Join us in NSW for the different netball clinics and friendlies that we are organising for you.
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Outdoor Adventures in Malaysia

Travel to Muar and be surrounded by lush tropical orchard, secondary forest, mangrove and the river with ecological abundance and history – Muar River. Participants for this programmes will experience the following
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Basketball in Taiwan and China

You are good in the 5 on 5s in Singapore, now meet other friendly competitors from around the world.  Hone your basketball skills and bring it a level higher by travelling with us to other countries to train and compete. Countries that we can arrange such trips include but is not limited to, Taiwan, china or Spain. Contact us for more information now.
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