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Rail Adventures

Why Travel by Train?

Traveling by rail can be the quickest, safest and most comfortable way to get around when you're abroad. We offer international rail passes and train tickets in a huge range of countries worldwide which are particularly convenient if you want to check out several countries on one trip or cover some serious distance. Rail passes allow you the freedom to travel when and where you like, and if you want to save on time and accommodation, you can always take a sleeper train!


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These awesome passes cover rail travel throughout Europe so grab your passes today! We have Eurail Global, Select and One Country passes!
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Travel on the rail networks of England, Scotland and Wales on any British Rail scheduled train with your BritRail pass (Heathrow Express, Gatwick Express and Stansted Express are also included). Check with our Travel Experts for more details!

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What's it like to travel by rail?

Here are some of our Travel Experts on their very own rail adventure!

Our Top Selling Rail Passes

Rail Travel
Eurail Global & Select Passes
Europe is the perfect place to travel by rail. Just one or two train journeys in Europe can take you between a number of different countries and through a kaleidoscope of gorgeous landscapes. The Interrail Global pass is a flexible pass that lets you create your own trip - use it as many times as you like during your chosen number of days.
Rail Travel
Japan Rail Pass
From the neon lights of Tokyo to the geishas of Kyoto and the serene beauty of Mount Fuji, travelling through this amazing country with a Japan Rail Pass is the best way to capture its many flavours and faces. The world famous bullet trains can whisk you up and down the entire length of the country, so you can see the whole lot with a Japan rail pass! It's also the cheapest way of travelling around Japan - a 7-day pass is cheaper than two train tickets, and can only be bought prior to arriving in Japan!

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