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MultiFLEX Flight Passes

from $99

Did you know, the average STA traveller on a round the world trip will change their flight dates at least five times? If your flights are eligible, you can buy one of our exclusive MultiFLEX passes before you fly with the freedom to change the dates of your flights without having to pay nasty airline fees.

Choose from three MultiFLEX passes and save those hundreds of dollars for something far more important (maybe a shed load of beers or that pricey Broadway musical you've been wanting to see).


    MultiFLEX covers all STA and airline date change fees. If the new flight is more expensive than the original, you will still be subject to fare differences.


    Buy your pass before you fly and change your dates once you've left Singapore. Please check that your flight is eligible, as not all of them are!


    Make your changes via our online form - no need for expensive phone calls home or wasted time on hold to airlines!


Our 3 change MultiFLEX pass is an ideal pass if you will be travelling on one of our awesome multistop routes. With this MultiFLEX pass you can change your flight dates up to three times once you've departed without paying any fees, saving you a ton of money!
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Terms and Conditions

MultiFLEX Pass can only used against certain tickets and can only be purchased before departure. MultiFLEX Pass is only eligible on certain airlines and can only be used when you have left Singapore. For more information on the passes, please check with our Travel Experts at 6737 7188.