Exclusive Offers at NATAS Fair

Whether you are a first-time traveller or an experienced old hand, going solo or with a group of friends, or just someone who deserves a break, we've got your back! 


We've joined forces with Contiki to offer you some of our favourite trips from around the world at jaw-dropping prices. The trips below include flights from Singapore, accomodation, transport, taxes, a dedicated trip manager, about half your meals and a whole load of unique experiences!


Hurry! These offers need to be booked by the end of March.

Why Travel With Contiki?

Whether you’re wanting to party the night away, people watch in city-squares, chill-out and grab some downtime or eat through the night, trips with Contiki don’t stop when the sun sets!
make new friends on Contiki European Magic
Some of your best memories come from the people you meet, so form somelifelong friendships with people from around the world.
Contiki’s inclusions will give you the adventure of a lifetime with experiences like riding a hot air balloon in Arizona or ice hiking in New Zealand. #noregrets!
Satisfy your cravings with authentic local food and cuisines and experience new cultures in the tastiest way possible!
Nervous of travelling solo? Don’t be! Over half Contiki’s travelers set out on their own, making these trips the perfect place to travel solo but still be surrounded by people!
Hang out with cool trip managers on Contiki
You can ditch the travel blogs and guide-books as you’ll have your professional trip manger to provide you with an encyclopedic knowledge of your destination and a serious passion for travel!
Travel your way with Contiki Sweet as South
Personalise your experience with loads of free-time or optional add-on activities to choose from. Think West-End musicals, white water rafting in the Alps and gliding on a Gondola in Venice and you’re on the right track!
Enjoy the perks of flexible payment as you only need to pay a tiny deposit of $99 to secureyour spot on the trip. Bargain!

Exclusive Deals at NATAS Travel Fair 2018

Western Rocker

Includes flights to Europe

For 10 daysFrom $1,769

Fancy stepping back in time on a fairy tale trip to some of Europe’s most romantic cities? You don’t need to look for a time machine, because Contiki can make the impossible happen!

Walk down the cobblestone streets of Florence, channel your inner Michelangelo and take photos of the city’s elegant architecture! Share a plate of pasta with your best tour mate in Rome! Be inspired by the Parisian city lights while standing on top of the Eiffel Tower. Chase that happily ever after of yours in Lucerne – be it the heavenly Swiss chocolates you’re craving or that elegant watch you’ve been eyeing! Feel like a royalty and meet your prince/princess in London’s Buckingham Palace!

European Magic

Includes flights to Europe

For 11 daysFrom $1,909

An evening canal cruise to see the Red Light District of Amsterdam? Check. Devouring the sinful pork knuckle in Munich? Check. Get lost in the streets of Venice, climb the top of the Eiffel Tower, and breathe in the fresh air of the Swiss Alps? Check, check, and check!

Have you ever wanted to travel across Europe, but get easily bored by the planning process? Great news; Contiki’s got your back! For a 9-day tour that includes bed and breakfast, you’ll get a taste of that European Magic everyone talks about. Get a chance to meet like-minded people as you check things off your bucket list to the max! Want that Insta-perfect shot by the Big Ben? Hey, maybe that cute photographer in your tour group can help out!


Includes flights to Europe

For 6 daysFrom $1,939

Binge watching Game of Thrones on Netflix is great, but how about seeing the real thing? Time for you to trade in that summer gear for warm, comfy jackets because winter is coming!

Feeling cold and tired from exploring glaciers, ancient volcanoes, and waterfalls? Relax in the comfort of your coach (heated, of course!) while still enjoying the beautiful view! Clear your pores by bathing in the geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon, and enjoy the magical view of the Northern Lights! Hop onto a dragon and fly to London, where you can dress to impress and feel like royalty as you visit Buckingham Palace, see the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London, try the local fish and chips, and watch a West End musical!

USA Roads

Includes flights to USA

For 8 daysFrom $2,749

Ever wanted to go on a treasure hunt? Do just that, but with good company and at a more comfortable pace! It’s time to unearth America’s best kept secrets as you journey through its Revolutionary Roads!

Learn the US of A’s rich history in Boston’s Freedom Trail! Tired? Take a coffee-break at groovy cafes or snooze up in your comfy tour coach! Be surprised by the eclectic concrete jungle called New York City as you explore its famous museums, galleries and markets, and let Lady Liberty impress you! Hungry for more? Try an authentic Philly cheesesteak from where it originated and head to a Cheesecake Factory if you’ve got room for dessert! Travel to D.C. and step into the White House to feel like a president for a day!

Sweet as South

Includes flights to NZ

For 9 daysFrom $2,029

Middle Earth is real, and it’s New Zealand! With more cows and sheep than people, wonder at the untouched beauty of its nature. Which is why it’s the perfect chance to escape the hustle and bustle of your daily life, as you travel with your friendly tour group through the towering mountains and enchanting valleys of the South Island!

Discover the stunning ice formations as you hike the Franz Josef Glacier. Take the plunge and bungee jump in the adventure capital of the world, Queenstown! Meet New Zealand’s national bird: the kiwi. Cruise through Milford Sound, basking in spectacular views of glacial hanging valleys and waterfalls.

Eternal India

Includes flights to India

For 12 daysFrom $2,549

If you adore the buzz and colours of Singapore’s Little India, then great news, your “eat, pray love” adventure is just at the tip of your fingers!

Foodies, satisfy your cravings with local delicacies packed full of flavours at the local markets! Believers, explore the majestic places of worship and find enlightenment in this spiritual melting pot. Romantics, fall in love with India’s most iconic sight – the Taj Mahal – and learn the heart-warming story behind this monument of love.

Wherever your interests lie, Contiki’s experienced trip managers will surely fulfil them!

USA Highlights

Includes flights to USA

For 9 daysFrom $2,099

Let’s face it! Singapore is too small for an outrageously fun road trip. Feel like a superstar on a road trip to the American West, as Contiki’s experienced travel team takes care of you throughout this whole ride!

Live your red carpet dreams in Los Angeles and catch the eye of your favourite Hollywood star! Party like a celebrity in LA’s hottest bars and clubs, and shop till you drop at Sunset Boulevard or conquer the heights in a hot air balloon ride over the Valley of the Sun in Arizona! Haven’t had enough of those bright lights, epic sights, and crazy parties? Tap into your naughty side as you visit Sin City! What happens in Vegas, goes on social media, so watch out!

Cambodia & Laos

Includes flights to Laos

For 9 daysFrom $1,329

Do you want to explore the hidden gems of the world before they become tourist hot spots? Here’s your chance, and discover the authenticity and charm that Cambodia and Laos have to offer!

Embrace the tranquillity of nature as you witness the sun set over the mountains in Vang Vieng. Explore the Laotian countryside; watch locals go about their daily lives and explore the limestone caves. Get in touch with your spiritual side and take part in a sacred Buddhist ritual. Give back to the community and support local artisans in Cambodia. Feel like a tomb raider as you delve into the ancient tombs and ruins of Angkor Wat and Ta Prohm.

City to Surf

Includes flights to Australia

For 7 daysFrom $1,249

Kangaroos, koalas, and emus. What do they all have in common? If you’re thinking about that big continent down under, then you’ve hit the mark! If not, well, time to venture out of that rock you’re living under, mate!

If you devour Buzzfeed articles on a daily basis, you’ll know that Australia is dubbed as one of the weirdest places on Earth. But worry not! Contiki’s experienced trip manager will show you the ropes, and you’ll feel like a local in no time! Have a barbie (BBQ dinner) at surf camp, grab a cuppa (cup of tea/coffee) with your friendly tour group, and remember to bring your thongs (flip flops) and togs (swim suit) when you hit Aussie’s best beaches!

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